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Some business owners dream of trouble free I.T.  We make it happen.

I.T. Care
IT Care


Here is how the plan affects your business:

  • Allows you to focus on more strategic tasks leaving the IT responsibility to us.

  • Because we are proactively making your systems more stable and resolving issues before they impact operations, downtime is virtually eliminated.

  • You get increased operational efficiency because systems are running smoothly.

  • If there is an issue, it is covered without extra costs.

Relocation Made Easy


We handle all the technical details of the move so you can focus on communicating with your customers during the relocation. We schedule and manage the vendors and services based on your specific needs.

We can ready the new location with cabling, telephone, Internet, electrical, floor planning, cooling, and battery backup.

All you have to do is walk in.

Systems Migrations
Voice over IP
System Migrations
SBS is dead, long live SBS!


Zero Downtime Migration!

Migrate from your old ​system to the new with zero business downtime.

Microsoft Small Business Server was a great solution with lots of value for the money.  We can migrate the old to the new with little or no business downtime.

Voice over IP (VoIP)
Hosted and On-Premise
Reduce Costs Increase Collaboration


Are you able to connect and communicate to your team members whenever and wherever?

Hardware software and services are included for one low monthly price.

Free local calling and reduced long-distance toll charges are available.

Integrated communication: Voice, data, video, and wireless services for a new way to reach, serve, and retain customers

Secure communications access to remote workers and branch offices.

We are Cisco Certified

Contingency Planning and Resilence
Security Services
Business Continuity and Resiliency

​When disruptions threaten business continuity, it is important to respond quickly and effectively in order to mitigate losses.

This white paper discusses how business continuity and resiliency services from IBM can help your organization:

  • Assess risks

  • Developed a business resilience strategy tailored to your needs.

  • Safeguard business-critical information while maintaining continuous operations

  • Enable a virtually complete recovery


Security is a major concern and a constant battle these days.

Hackers are more sophisticated than ever, and more of your business information is available electronically.  Learn how Lead-In security services can protect you and your business from these threats.


  • Assess risks

  • Developed a business plan to mitigate risk

  • Implement safeguards

  • Stay vigilant

  • Test and re-assess


“Lead-In accomplished our server migration with zero downtime.  We are very pleased with the results of the migration.  John and his team did a wonderful job."

Mark H. Gillis, Partner

Rich and Gillis Law Group

 Alignment and Risk


We will provide you with a technology alignment and risk assessment report. Allow us to review your current state of technology without obligation.  Just fill out the form below and get a check-up at no cost.

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We are looking for potential new customers with 15 or more computer users.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting a checkup.  Type "2nd Look" in the subject, and we will know that a human is sending the request and not a bot. Add specific requirements to the right in the blank message field. Thank you.

No Obligation Offer
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