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Because IT security is now a management team discussion

We’re in a perfect IT security storm. Hackers are more sophisticated, your data is increasingly accessed anytime and anywhere and often resides in the cloud. Fewer access points are corporately-controlled, and there is a growing digital data explosion while the compliance demands on staff and systems escalate.

These trends mean corporate IT security can no longer be an afterthought where a secure perimeter is good enough. Instead, security intelligence

Security Services by Lead-In Technologies


preventing, detecting and addressing system breaches anywhere must start at the managements level and become part of your organization’s IT fabric. It is now imperative to be woven into your everyday business operations.

Lead-In Security solutions help you do this by providing a comprehensive security framework that spans hardware and software along with the service expertise to provide integrated security solutions customized for your unique needs and designed to lower your total cost of ownership

These services are included in our I.T. Care Plan or can be implemented as an independant initiaitive for your company.


Protection for all systems


Lead-In's Infrastructure protection solutions provide in-depth security across your network, servers, virtual servers, and endpoints. This spans a wide range of critical security needs from identifying and blocking the latest emerging threats, to keeping all endpoints in continuous compliance with organizational policies.

Endpoint Security

Lead-In's endpoint security provides real-time visibility and automates corrective actions to maintain continuous compliance with organizational policies for all endpoints, including servers, desktop PCs, laptops, and smart phones. As threats emerge, this unified solution for IT operations endpoint management and security management allows you to rapidly remediate, protect, and report on endpoints in real-time.

Network Security

Lead-In's network security solutions help to protect the entire network infrastructure from constantly evolving network and application layer threats. At the core of this solution are Cisco Unified Access security appliances that include network intrusion prevention devices which are capable of providing constantly evolving protection powered by Cisco Security Intelligence Operations Center. The Cisco Security Intelligence Operations Center provides customers with the benefits of an industry-unprecedented security center, centralizing information and threat signatures issued for all Cisco security technologies, including email filtering, web filtering and reputation, IPS/IDS filtering, and voluntary global threat statistics.

The Cisco Threat Operations Center provides human oversight of Cisco Security Intelligence Operations to ensure speed and accuracy of its threat data, including web and email reputation data, Cisco IPS global correlation data, and botnet database.

Cisco Security Intelligence Operations is the world's largest email and Web traffic monitoring network. With data on more than 25 percent of the world's Internet traffic, it provides an unprecedented real-time view into security threats from around the world. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations can be used like a "credit reporting service" for email and web threats, providing comprehensive data that ISPs and companies can use to differentiate legitimate senders from spammers and other attackers, and giving email administrators visibility into who is sending them email.

2010 - present

2010 - present

 Alignment and Risk


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