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IT Care

When it comes to IT support, you need a provider you can rely on which isn't always easy when you have multiple support contracts with differing service levels. Especially in complex situations, it can seem as if you alone are responsible for shouldering the burden of diagnosing problems and coordinating communication among vendors. Fortunately, there's a better option.

Lead-In's IT Care service provides a single point of accountability, so you don't have to
Lead-In IT Care
spend your time coordinating IT support services. With our long track record of managing complex, multivendor IT environments and creating innovative maintenance solutions, you can apply proven intellectual property and unique insight to resolve your specific challenges. Lead-In uses an integrated, automated service delivery model - proven to work with thousands of end points - that helps to reduce downtime by streamlining problem identification and resolution across your environment. It also enables Lead-In to watch for long-term opportunities to reduce outages in your environment - and to work closely with you to make improvements. Providing support for both Lead-In components under a simplified contract structure, we can help you meet service level expectations and can act as a trusted advisor to your organization.
Maintaining and administrating your computer systems can be time consuming and frustrating.  Delegate the responsibility to Lead-In and we will take care of IT.
Doing things the correct way over time saves you money and reduces your risk.  If you allow us to implement our best practices and processes, you will get these results.
Please see below for the major parts of the I.T. Care Plan.
What can an IT care plan from Lead-In do for your business?
  • Increase bottom line from long term improved system uptime and streamlined operations.
  • Happier staff because they do not have to deal with computer problems.
  • Eliminate confidential information leakage through your computer systems.
  • Reduce internal frustration and complexity through system standardization and imlpementation of industry Best Practices.
  • Give your company technology direction, guidance, budgeting, recommendations, and a competetive advantage through our Virtual Chief Information Officer role.
  • Document your tecnology assests.
  • Improve your business through a predictable end result.
Lead-In's IT Care Process

Lead-In's I.T Care processes.


Full service all inclusive support and remedation from local experts.

We are your IT department or can be an extension of an existing department or staff.

Rather than bearing the burden of managing multiple vendor support relationships, you can use Lead-In as a single point of accountability for managing the hardware and software in your heterogeneous data center.


Onsite Service Level Agreement


If you experience a disabling outage, we have an onsite service response guarentee in order to get you up and running quickly and back to business.




24/7 monitoring and remediation


With our monitoring and system tools we watch your systems and can take corrective action as appropriate.  This is often done off-hours or in the background so we do not disrupt work flow.

Plans include remote and onsite remediation

We take the responsibility of doing all the maintenance for your systems.  Updates are done and systems are rebooting off-hours so business productivity is not disrupted.  We have remote access to your systems to assist you when you need it. 

US Based Help Desk Available

For resolution of desktop/laptop issues like core functionality, printing, Internet browsing, network connectivity issues, mobile device help, user account issues like password resets and account unlocking, and virus and malware issues/removal.


  • Business Hours
  • After Hours
  • 24/7 Help Desk (includes Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - 365 days a year)
  • Toll Free phone number
  • Quality is maintained through surveys, call screening and ticket monitoring


Vulnerability Scanning and Inventory

We regularly scan the network for vulnerabilities and user installed software that may cause liability for the business.

Full asset reporting and inventory


Network Operations Center

We have a team of 200 technicians that monitor and control the systems of our Care Plan customers.


Local support in remote places

We can dispatch technicians across the contiguous US. Whether the business need is a simple computer install or a more complex voice installation, Lead-In is up to the challenge and well equipped to meet the specific business requirements.


New Additions Always Coming!

We included in our services security patching of third party apps like Java, Adobe, Chrome, etc. and Malwarebytes (anti-malware).


We offer Mobile Device Management.

We support Apple/Mac monitoring and security updates.

 Alignment and Risk


We will provide you with a technology alignment and risk assessment report. Allow us to review your current state of technology without obligation.  Just fill out the form below and get a check-up at no cost.

Your details were sent successfully!

We are looking for potential new customers with 15 or more computer users.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting a checkup.  Type "2nd Look" in the subject, and we will know that a human is sending the request and not a bot. Add specific requirements to the right in the blank message field. Thank you.

No Obligation Offer
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