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Relocation Services

This is probaby one of the most time consuming and difficult transistion your business can go through.  But, there is good news, Lead-In is here to handle all the details so your relocaion is seemless and stress free. From beginning to end, we handle the details and can provide any needed computer systems or infrastructure.  Give yourself at least 45 days to make the move.

Computer System Migration Planning

Planning, Planning, Planning

As part of a move, we take into consideration and include contingency/risk planing in order to have a plan for the unexpected.
We consider timelines and dependacies of each step of the move and schedule external service providers and resources as required.

Computer System Inventory


We'll take inventory and work with you to decide which items need to relocate and which items are end-of-life and require proper e-waste recycling.

Computer System Relocation and Moving

Site Preparation


We will make sure that the new location is ready for people and equipment.

Computer Networking and Computer Cabling

Network Cabling Services

Wireless Installation


We'll wire up the new location so that when the time comes, all computers and phones can be seemlessy plugged in and operational.

If you need secure wireless, we can install and configure that as well.

Computer Room Server Room Planning

Equipment/Server Room

We'll make sure that all equipment is in a secure location with adequate space and elbow-room, proper cooling, physicaly security, and electrical backup.

Computer Relocation Services

Equipment/Server Room Relocation

We'll relcoate and reconnect your computer systems and make sure everything is tested and working properly.

 Alignment and Risk


We will provide you with a technology alignment and risk assessment report. Allow us to review your current state of technology without obligation.  Just fill out the form below and get a check-up at no cost.

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We are looking for potential new customers with 15 or more computer users.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting a checkup.  Type "2nd Look" in the subject, and we will know that a human is sending the request and not a bot. Add specific requirements to the right in the blank message field. Thank you.

No Obligation Offer
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