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Free Stuff & Tools

Lead-In has always excelled in providing organizations with easy-to-use, affordable and comprehensive systems management solutions using our managed services approach. For a preview of how more effective IT management can assist in both personal and business ways, we’re offering the following free tools. We hope you’ll find them useful in your day to day work.  Aways remediate malware and similiar issues fisrt, then aplpy security patches, cleanup and optimize.  Use at your own risk!

Free Network Assesment

​Like an old pair of sneakers, you may be comfortable with your computer and network security, but hackers and malware never get cozy. They are always looking for a way to get into any system and obtain information.

The biggest threat these days is malware that exploits security flaws and records keystroke information. Most business rely upon some form of online banking to conduct business and if that user ID and password are captured by a hacker or malware (which sends the information overseas) your bank account could be compromised.

Let our network assessment detect the holes in your systems and you can be better prepared to defend against these issues.

Think it can't happen to you?  Take a look at the Internet Crime Complaint Center list of recent malware and scams - yes it's a real thing:

Malware and Virus Issues

Malware/Virus scanning and cleaning

Security Patches

Install latest security updates.

Performance Issues and cleanup
Make your computer faster​.

Cleanup tool

 Alignment and Risk


We will provide you with a technology alignment and risk assessment report. Allow us to review your current state of technology without obligation.  Just fill out the form below and get a check-up at no cost.

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We are looking for potential new customers with 15 or more computer users.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting a checkup.  Type "2nd Look" in the subject, and we will know that a human is sending the request and not a bot. Add specific requirements to the right in the blank message field. Thank you.

No Obligation Offer
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